Welcome to Troop 1 Oreland


Oreland Troop 1 is fortunate to conduct its annual summer camp at Hawk Mountain Camp in New Ringgold, PA near Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary. (About 1 hour, 20 minute drive away.)  It is a beautiful and rustic site, complete with nature trail, babbling brook, broad fields, fishing pond and swimming pond.  Sturdy Adirondacks (lean-twos) provide sleeping accommodations and the well-equipped and sizable dining hall keeps Scouts satisfied and well-fed for all of their activities.  Trips to Hawk Mountain Camp generate feelings of pride and confidence in one’s environment that grow over the years as well as the bonding effects of tradition.

  • Meal time beside the impressive stone fireplace is always a pleasure

  • Fish off the dock or follow the boardwalk through the marshes

  • Scouts stay dry in well-built lean-tos

  • Upper and lower fields provide plenty of room for all kinds of activities


The camp is 17.52 acres (70,900 m), and is 21.28 acres (86,100 m) acres including an abandoned railroad right of way. The camp is a pleasant hike from the Appalachian Trail and the Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary.

The camp exists to develop the leadership of the scouts in a rustic environment. The camp has no electricity nor running water and continues to be largely undeveloped. The camp allows scouts to explore the natural environment, develop self-reliance, and allows boy scouts to discover and learn new skills.

The camp lies between two landmarks. To the North is Indian Run  Road, (or Township Road 755) a light-duty paved road. To the South is an old Lehigh Valley Railroad branch line embankment.  This branch line was built in the 1890’s and ran from Lizard Creek Junction (near Lehighton) to Blackwood (near Tremont). There are two stone arch bridges at either end of the camp that span the Indian Run as it enters and exits the camp.

Many improvements have been made to Hawk Mountain Camp.  Some recent achievements include:

  • Constructing a safe target wall for the Rifle Range
  • Weed fishing pond
  • Cobra patrol site tent platform
  • Handicapped ramp into Hank’s Hall
  • Re-roofed and painted latrine
  • Memorial to veterans of Troop 1
  • Rebuild the well house foundation and platform and installed new pump in 2016
  • Re-shingled Fox patrol and updated bedding supports in 2015
  • Re-shingled Beaver patrol and replaced serving kitchen with stainless steel table in 2016
  • Dredged the swimming pond and water feed system in 2016
  • Received four (4) NRA Youth Shooting Sports grants from 2016- 2020
  • Received Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Outdoor grant in 2020
  • Rebuilt the zip-line tower and parking lot drainage in 2018